Letting Go……

It was a beautiful summer day and a young boy was out with his father, getting ready to fly a kite.  The father got the kite in the air and flying well, while the boy stood close by his side, eyes sparkling; eagerly awaiting to take the string.  Finally the time came; “take a hold of the string” his father said.

In a flash, the boys small hands were clutching the string.  He watched as the kite soared back and forth; amazed at how he could control it so well.  Suddenly, the wind picked up and the kite began pulling harder and faster…too hard and fast for him to control it.  “Daddy, help me!” he cried as he struggled to maintain control.  “Just let go of the string“, replied his father in a calm voice.  “But if I do that I’ll lose it!”, the boy exclaimed.  “Just trust me and let it go.” the father’s voice was once again calm.

“But daddy, I can’t!  I like my kite too much to let it go! Daddy, please just help me!”   “I know you like it“, the father replied “but just let it go“.  With tears streaming down his face and giving one last attempt to bring the kite under control, the little boy finally gave up and let go of the string.

To his surprise, however, the kite did not fly away.  He turned to see why not, and realized his father had been standing behind him, holding on to part of the string the whole time.  His father soon had the kite flying the way it should be, but he was only able to do so after his son had given him full control.

How many times are we like this young boy?…so afraid to let go of the ‘string’, afraid we’ll lose what’s on the other end of it…not even realizing that God, our Father, has it in His hands and if we just let it go, then He’ll have full control and be able to work it out the way it needs to be.  How many times do we stand in our own way?  What ‘string’ is God asking you to let go of??  Let it go…watch what He’ll do….be amazed 🙂

Photo Courtesy of Google search, and Masterfile

Photo Courtesy of Google search, and Masterfile

My Journey from Within pt. 5

The conclusion of Lisa’s testimony….


My lifetime church split, totally in half, the people I had grown up with and had been mentored by, taking sides.  It was like a divorce, a pain that shook my world.  We began meeting in “the barn”.  I laugh now; I always thought that only crazy people started a new church.  Well don’t ever say never, God just may put you in a situation that you are uncomfortable in order to teach you that you were wrong.  The next 5 years were spent in what I have to say the most unleashed learning experience of my life, I had to let go of myself before I could grasp on to Jesus, this was very out of my box, but revealing at the same time.  I learned about real love, unconditional love, for the first time in a church.  

This last year, has brought tons of challenges to my life.  Allowing Alitza to graduate, yes, this is just the way I mean to say it too, allowing :). Finally, letting go and letting God, giving her to God to bring up, as she is definitely on a journey of her own now.  It has proved to be a very trying time watching her struggle to fit into life as an adult with a disability, having many challenges of its own… we will have to have an update, on how awesome God is this time.  I have no doubt it will end up with prideful parents.  I’ll then have to look up PRIDE in my concordance! 

I also had some health issues to deal with during this season, I even prayed to God, and wished my whole life had been different, I told Him “I’m tired and I don’t want to do this anymore.”  This happened right before Christmas, Faith and I were watching the Flintstone Christmas Scrooge, (which by the way is the best rendition I have ever seen).  So that night when I went to bed I decided to take myself back through all the ups and downs of my life one at a time and try to vision it differently as if it had happened with all Cinderella endings. 

 I didn’t even get through all of the story in my mind when I realized that I wouldn’t be who I am without my story just the way it had unfolded, I can’t even imagine but I’m sure I would have ended up shallow and unfeeling to those around me, God somehow made it alright, once again.  He truly is good ALL OF THE TIME.

 Ahhhh trusting God in my journey and never giving up that was the question wasn’t it??  My journey is still in process…I hope not to slip back into becoming more about doing doing doing… than just about being.  Putting work, and deeds in front of what is really important…just being with Jesus, just being still and knowing the He Is God!!  My goal is to get better at recognizing it and taking what I have learned from it and growing to be more like Christ.  My prayer is to be led into all truth. 

 Singer, song writer Wynonna Judd says it like this, “When you hit rock bottom you’ve got two ways to go, straight up and side ways, I have seen my share of hard times and I’m letting you know straight up is my way!”  This is only part of what God’s word has rescued me from.  I am so thankful that He is never ending and never changing, I learned to love His word and depend on it, I began to dig into what He had to say, and even better yet I learned to hide what He had to say inside my heart.  So I have come to realize that the only way I want to go is straight up and definitely not side ways.