Wisdom Teeth & Prolotherapy….

Due to the fact that Kyle has more written about his ‘journey’ after Journey to the Heart, there won’t be a post with my side of the story…only his.  He went through a lot more struggles than I did during this time, although I did have my share of questions, confusion, and wondering if any thing would ever happen between him and I, or if God had really taken him away for good.

So…without further ado….I give you…

Wisdom Teeth & Prolotherapy….

I don’t remember exactly how long it was after I got back from journey, but it was at least a few weeks, I was having some back troubles and was sitting around  a lot, so I used that time to do a lot of reading and praying.  It was a hard time, you might say,  for my physical health, but a very good time of Spiritual growth for me.  I had been reading  most of the day in Daniel and had a few really good verses that just really seemed to leap off the page at me, when I decided to start reading in Ecclesiastes.   I thought ‘this is different.  I was sure enjoying Daniel , and I am not getting anything out of this book’. I was just about to stop…and then I got to chapter 9 and that is when God decided to say something to me.  Verses 7-10 are the ones that He used to confirm the ‘yes’ He had given me a few weeks earlier on Journey.  I am so glad that I have a God that cares about me and desires to speak to me through His word, if only I would be patient and quiet long enough to hear Him.

So now the struggle really began. I knew what I was supposed to do now, but I had a problem…my back.  Ever since I had gotten back from Journey, my back had been really bothering me.  I had been going to chiropractor after chiropractor, but to no avail.  So I was at a loss as to what my next step was that I was supposed to take, because I could not even start to think about getting married with the way my back was.  So now I was seeking God on a whole new set of issues.  I decided that I was not going to pursue anything with Sara until I knew what was going to happen with my back.

I remember it was a Friday evening and I was sitting out in my deer stand, hunting, when I noticed that my mouth was starting to hurt in the back on my right side and I was getting a bad head ache.  I remember thinking,  ‘great my back is really hurting and now I have a tooth that is giving me fits’ (and I hate dentists).   The next day I tried calling my dentist but to no avail.  I couldn’t get a hold of him and he didn’t even have a answering machine. Just my luck to have troubles on a weekend.  So I  managed to live off of Tylenol until Monday.  Monday morning there was still no answer at my dentist.  By this time I was pretty desperate.  I had called a few more dentists in the area and found out that this wasn’t going to be a cheap endeavor and I was starting to pray a little harder…’God, where can I find a dentist that I can get into today to get this over with?’. 

I had just hung up the phone and started texting Sara’s brother. I said something to him about trying to find a dentist  but didn’t think anymore of it.  Awhile later he sent me another text saying that he had talked with Sara and she recommended the one she had gone to to have her wisdom teeth pulled. He gave me the number but they were already closed for that day, so, on Tuesday I called. I was so happy to hear that they could get me in later that day, and that it wasn’t going to cost as much as I’d thought. 

Finally, Tuesday evening, I was sitting in a dentist chair with my mouth wide open.  The doctor was just getting ready to start numbing my mouth so he could pull my aching wisdom tooth, when my arm flinched like it usually did,  from the muscle spasms in my back.  I remember him looking at me like, ‘that was weird, are you ok?’  That’s when I told him about my back troubles, and that was why I had flinched. I was really amazed at what he told me next.  He said that he had had back troubles like I was having, and that he had these treatments called prolotherapy that really helped him. He said that his back was the best it has ever been after having the therapy.  He pulled my tooth, gave me a pamphlet on the prolotherapy, and said that he would see me in a week to pull the stitches in my mouth.  I went home and was thinking, ‘wow God,  is this of you, or what should I do?’  This prolotherapy thing sounded good, but at the same time a little weird…and painful! 



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