The Right Piece….


Growing up, this was one of my favorite toys!  In fact I had 3 different ones…one identical to this, a square one, and one that looked like a turtle.

But it never occurred to me until tonight, just how one of these puzzles can represent our lives.  You see, with this puzzle, you can only fit the right shape in the right hole…it’s pointless to even try to push the square piece through the star shaped hole, it won’t go in, and only leaves you frustrated and aggravated at its resistance.

There are many times when we try to fill the “God-shaped” hole in our lives, with something that just doesn’t fit…money, love, drugs, alcohol, etc.  We can keep trying all these different ‘pieces’, but it’s pointless….only God can fill that void.

Only when you get the right piece to the puzzle does it make sense…

Tell me what you think!

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