Changing Seasons

Photo Courtesy of Google Image Search

Photo Courtesy of Google Image Search

If I look out my window, I can see the signs of changing seasons…the grass isn’t as green as it once was, the leaves on the tree across the road are starting to turn orange, and, in the evenings, the air is cool and crisp.  There’s no doubt about it, Fall is on its way.

But, inside our home, there are also season changes.  The spots in my room where a coffee table, desk, and chair once sat, now sit empty; my closet doesn’t have as many clothes in it; my room is practically empty.  For you see, I am changing seasons as well.  I am leaving behind the season of Singleness, and am moving into this new season… Marriage.

You see, Marriage is a lot like those trees outside changing colors.  Those trees look absolutely gorgeous when the leaves turn orange and red, but did you ever stop to think that the only reason they look so amazing, is because they are dying?  There needs to be a similar death in marriage….death to self.

So as I learn to die to my selfish desires, and learn to put Kyle first, our marriage will reflect all the beauty God intended it to.

It will not be an easy road, I know that already, but it’s a road I am willing to travel.  A road that Kyle is willing to travel; knowing that he too will have to die to self.  And with God as our guide, the trip will be the best it ever could be.