My Own, Personal Miracle

May 20th 2016 was a beautiful day, but I hardly noticed it. “Complete Placenta Previa”….My midwifes words hit me like me a ton of bricks. Here I was, pregnant with our 3rd child, hoping for a normal, peaceful birth (unlike my first 2….John was born in the check-up room, and Isaac was emergency caesarean due to prolapsed cord), and now that hope was gone.

As we talked to her, my Midwife explained that there was a slight chance that the placenta could move, but was unlikely considering how far along I was at that point, and, if it did move, would probably not be enough for a natural birth. Also, there was the possibility of Placenta Accreta – where the placenta attaches too deeply to the uterus, and, if there’s too much bleeding, could require an emergency Hysterectomy. I needed to plan a cesarean. Not only that, but I would need to find a more equipped facility, preferably with NICU, in case of emergency.

I fought tears all the way home…not only was I going to have another cesarean, but this may very well be my last pregnancy.

We stopped at a Walmart, and, while Kyle ran in, I stayed in the van. I was numbly listening to the radio, when suddenly the words of the song hit me…”Daddy’s don’t just love their children every now and then. It’s a love without end. Amen”

I realized that through everything that was happening, God still loved me and was ultimately in control of it all. I was free to just trust Him, and let it all play out as He saw fit.

The next several weeks were still incredibly difficult for me, and I spent many days in tears, struggling to come to grips with it all.

What if I had to have a hysterectomy and this was our last child? What if it was another boy? What if I never had a baby girl?

I remember one day in particular, I was doing dishes, and just pouring my heart out to God and asking Him, “Why would you let this happen? We are trusting you with the amount of children that we have, so why would you only give us 3? Is it so wrong that I want a girl someday? What if you never give us one?”

And God’s response nearly knocked me off my feet…

“Are you really trusting me with the amount of children you have? What if I only want you to have 3? Will you still love me and trust me, or will you only trust me if I give you more? And what if it’s my plan for you to only have boys? Will you still be happy?”

I literally stopped washing dishes; shocked.

I had never thought about it that way.

Throughout those weeks, I also heard 2 songs on the radio that encouraged me so much, “Trust in You” by Lauren Daigle, and “Thy Will Be Done” by Hilary Scott.

We had so many friends and family praying for us, and we were praying constantly as well. It wasn’t until later that I realized I had been praying differently from everyone else.

I’ll spare you the details, but we FINALLY found a doctor that would accept me, and our insurance….he was LITERALLY the last one on our list. The cesarean was scheduled for Sept. 6th (one day before our 3rd anniversary).

August 5th, we had another ultrasound to verify just where the placenta was, and the severity it all. As we watched on the monitor, I braced myself for the news I knew was coming….but it never came.

“I don’t see any sign of previa”, the technician said, “not even partial”.

Kyle asked her about placenta Accreta….”nope” she replied, pointing at the screen “you can see right here that it’s not attached too deeply.”

When we had finished and were waiting for the doctor to come in, we tried not to get too excited. We braced ourselves, thinking that we would still have to have the cesarean, just in case. But we were wrong. Doctor said I could go ahead and try a natural birth if we wanted, everything was fine!

Talk about an overwhelming sense of Joy!!!!!!!!!!!

I couldn’t get texts sent out fast enough when we got back in the van!

SOOO many people told us that they had been praying for a miracle, and for God to completely heal me.

And this is where I realized I had been praying differently than everyone else….you see, I had been praying for the cesarean to go well, and that I would see Gods purpose in it all…I never once prayed for healing.

I was just in awe of what had taken place – for God to take a complete placenta previa and move it 100% in that short of time, was nothing, and I mean NOTHING, but a MIRACLE.

On September 30th, Jackson Everett joined our little family, healthy as can be.

And to this day I still marvel over all that took place in those few short months, and just how much my Faith grew through it all. God did not have to do what He did, but I think He chose to do it all, just to show how big, powerful, and loving He truly is.

And I have a baby that I snuggle and kiss every single day that proves it.


I’m back!

So as I looked back at my last blog post, I realized it has been much too long since I have written! However, having 3 little boys is keeping me quite busy!

In my last post I announced that Johnathan was going to be a big brother. On June 21st 2015, Isaac Nathaniel joined our little family…..but the Lord decided that Isaac too needed a little brother, and so, on September 30th 2016, Jackson Everett joined our little family – I now had 3 boys under the age of 2.5 years.

So, needless to say, blogging went by the wayside as my days were filled with the many needs of my family.

To be honest, I didn’t think about it too much, but here lately I feel like the Lord is calling me back to it….at least occasionally anyway.

The Lord has taught me so much in the past (almost) 4.5 years that Kyle and I have been married. I never knew the amount of sacrifice that went into, not only marriage, but especially motherhood – children have a way of teaching you a lot about yourself that you never knew!

So, as I sort through, and pray about all I’ve learned, and all I want to share, I’m hoping to blog more – whether it be to help other young moms, or give single gals a glimpse into what married life and motherhood is like, or just to simply give you all a good laugh J I would appreciate your prayers for the following as well

– For time to write (yeah, that’s a huge one!)

– For an open heart to write whatever the Lord would want me to, and not what I think needs to be written.

– For my readers to see God in all that I write

I’m excited to see what God has in store for me as I start writing again – I sure have missed it!

Thank you for all your encouragement in the past, I love hearing from my readers!

So, until next time…..

He didn’t have to….He chose to

As I lay in bed this morning, feeling sick and nauseous (more than usual), I could hear the clatter of dishes in the kitchen.  As I lay there, I began to see just how TRULY blessed I am!

You see, Kyle didn’t have to work today, and since I was feeling sicker than usual, he allowed me to stay in bed and rest.  He got up and made himself breakfast, and also made me some bacon to nibble on….but He didn’t have to…He chose to.

He also brought me a glass of Vernors Ginger Ale, with ice (I’m an ice lover) …which, He didn’t have to…but he chose to.

And while I was resting, my wonderful husband was in the kitchen, washing a HUGE load of dishes and cleaning up the kitchen.  Once again it crossed my mind…He didn’t have to…but he was choosing to.

Those ‘simple’ choices that my husband made today, may not seem like much to anyone watching…but to me…they were blessings!

So as I sit here and write, I once again, realize that when God brought Kyle into my life, He brought me the most wonderful blessing of all!

Kyle & Sara looking at each other

Wedding Pictures!

Here they are! Some of the photos from our wedding!! Some of the people in our wedding photos, however, do not like their pictures to be on the internet, so in order to respect them, there won’t be many pictures of the families, or wedding party 🙂  So in other words, there will only be ‘before ceremony’ and ‘after ceremony’ photos 🙂

My GORGEOUS wedding dress! Which Kyle’s mom spent a lot of work on altering it…I think we took 10″ off the length 🙂

Sara in Mirror

Sara by Window

Kyle against wall

My very handsome husband!!!


Waiting for the ceremony to start!!

Waiting for the ceremony to start!!

Our very first kiss!!

Our very first kiss!!

Kyle & Sara Sepia with Flowers

If you look close, you'll notice I'm not wearing shoes :)   There was a reason for that......  My grandpa that passed away back in April, always called me his 'hillbilly' or 'redneck' granddaughter, since I was always going barefoot every chance I got!  So I thought, what better way to remember him on my wedding day than by going barefoot :)  <3

If you look close, you’ll notice I’m not wearing shoes 🙂 There was a reason for that…… My grandpa that passed away back in April, always called me his ‘hillbilly’ or ‘redneck’ granddaughter, since I was always going barefoot every chance I got! So I thought, what better way to remember him on my wedding day than by going barefoot 🙂 ❤


Marriage Certifacte

Our BEAUTIFUL wedding cake that was made by our sister-in-law!

Our BEAUTIFUL wedding cake that was made by our sister-in-law!

Cutting Cake

Getting ready…..

This was fun!  Although with me being shorter, most of his cake went up his nose!

This was fun! Although with me being shorter, most of his cake went up his nose!

So in love :)

So in love 🙂

“What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder”

Mark 10:9

An Update on Us :)

In the past few months since my last blog post, a lot has happened! Time flew quickly (although at times it seemed to crawl for us!), and on June 28th, Kyle & I got engaged 🙂 It wasn’t really a surprise, since we already had a date set and wedding plans were well under way, but it was still special!

Kyle and I went into town to pick up my ring, and on the way back to the van, we sat on a park bench, and he proceeded to ask me to marry him 🙂 I barely let him get the words out before I answered with a huge smile and the words “Indubitably!”.

It has been so amazing how God has continued to bless Kyle and I, as we continue to serve Him!!

Kyle & Sara2

It was TOTALLY worth the wait!!!

It’s All Been Worth the Wait!

Here it is!  The final part of our story!  Instead of doing 2 separate posts, I’m combining it all into one….my side in regular font, and Kyle’s in italics 🙂   It still amazes me just how God worked everything out!  It has DEFINETLY been worth the wait!!  ❤

The talk

The next Tuesday, as I was traveling back to the dentist to get my stitches out, my dad called me and said that I should pick up Sara, take her with me,  and tell her what God was doing in my life; with my back and where my relationship was with her.  I was like totally shocked…and so not ready for a phone call like that. I remember thinking, ‘this will never fly!  There is no way they are going to let her go with me.”   I was a little nervous but I made the call and to my surprise they said she could go.  Needless to say, Sara was even more surprised and nervous than I was, but the trip went well and we had a good talk.


Lets jump ahead to December 11th, 2012 🙂

It was 3:30 in the afternoon, and I was all cozy in bed, taking a much needed nap, when mom came in, woke me up and said, “Kyle just called. He’s on his way into town and he wants to stop by and talk to you.”…  my response?…  “I was sleeping so good!  Why did you wake me up?!”….but once I was up and getting around, her words suddenly hit me!  My heart started pounding!  My mind raced…what did he want to talk to me about?!  Why was he coming?!

I was such a bundle of nerves, that once I was around, I grabbed my Bible and started reading, trying to get my mind settled down while I waited for his arrival.  I didn’t have to wait long, thankfully, since he was almost to our place when he called.

I prayed real quick, took a deep breath….and headed downstairs…my heart still pounding.  He was standing in the kitchen doorway talking to mom.  When I walked in, mom asked where we wanted to talk at, and he asked if I could just go with him into town.  Mom said that was fine, and off we went.

I was dying to ask him what was going on, but chose to keep my mouth shut and let him start.  He started off with small talk, but about a mile down the road, he began telling me his reason for wanting to talk to me.  He asked me how I would feel about marrying him, and I said “I’m for it”.  He went on to tell me what God did in him on Journey, and how he had heard from God that I was the one he was going to marry, and even had a confirmation verse that the Lord had given him.

Long story short, this led to us starting to text and talk more often…with the approval of our parents of course! 🙂


The ‘pieces of the puzzle’ start to fit!

A few weeks went by.  I had been calling around to see what I could find out on my back. I also was doing a lot of praying, and you might say a little bit of crying out to God… I wasn’t sure what to do.  Finally it seemed like everything was pointing to the prolotherapy, so I called and made my first appointment. I had done a lot of research  to see what prolotherapy was all about and it all sounded really good… until I watched a youtube video of what they do… wow!  I remember thinking, ‘that looks like a lot of shots! and I didn’t even know they made needles that big!’  Well anyways, I stared traveling to Lansing every two weeks and getting the treatments.

 It has taken some time, and quite a few treatments, but my back is almost back to the way it should be.  And all this happened because of a bum tooth, and Gods perfect timing.


December 21st, I was praying and just asking God for a confirmation verse, so I knew that this was truly from Him and what He desired for me.  He gave me the last part of Isaiah 30:21…”This is the way; walk in it.”  Needless to say….I was excited!!

March 12th, Kyle was at our place, and we were talking about our Journey’s and he told me how his leaders had all the guys write out a list of things they needed to surrender to God, kayak across the lake to a certain spot, and burn it.  He said my name was on that list.  As he was describing the place he had burned his note, my jaw about hit the floor….it was that same place I had buried mine…only he had burned his on the ‘lake’ side of the path!!

It amazes me how God used both of us completely surrendering each other to Him, before He started moving us toward courtship!


The Courtship “officially” begins!!

 I had talked with Sara’s dad and was planning on asking her to start courting me on the 17th of April.  You say ‘why the 17th?’…… well, that day would be the 9 year anniversary of when I first met her back in 2004. But once again things didn’t go as I had planned.  Sara’s grandpa passed away on the 11th and Sara’s dad wanted me to be a pallbearer, and sit with their family,  so I decided to start courting a few days early.  So on the 12th I totally surprised her by showing  up and asking her if she would court me. I don’t know if she just wanted the roses I was holding,  but she said yes!        

It seemed like that day was never going to come but it finally did.  You should have seen Sara’s face when I asked her!  She was so excited she could hardly squeaked out a yes.  I feel so blessed to be getting to know this Godly woman who loves me so much.


Even though we were pretty much ‘courting’ since the 11th of December, due to Kyle having back problems, and having to do prolotherapy treatments to heal it, we didn’t go ‘official’…we wanted to see how well the prolotherapy would work and if he would be able to work.

We had some VERY discouraging times along the way!

But April 12th 2013…Kyle and I ‘officially’ started courting!  🙂  He is the most amazing man ever, and I am so blessed to have him!!!

I love you Kyle Ray!!!! 🙂




Wisdom Teeth & Prolotherapy….

Due to the fact that Kyle has more written about his ‘journey’ after Journey to the Heart, there won’t be a post with my side of the story…only his.  He went through a lot more struggles than I did during this time, although I did have my share of questions, confusion, and wondering if any thing would ever happen between him and I, or if God had really taken him away for good.

So…without further ado….I give you…

Wisdom Teeth & Prolotherapy….

I don’t remember exactly how long it was after I got back from journey, but it was at least a few weeks, I was having some back troubles and was sitting around  a lot, so I used that time to do a lot of reading and praying.  It was a hard time, you might say,  for my physical health, but a very good time of Spiritual growth for me.  I had been reading  most of the day in Daniel and had a few really good verses that just really seemed to leap off the page at me, when I decided to start reading in Ecclesiastes.   I thought ‘this is different.  I was sure enjoying Daniel , and I am not getting anything out of this book’. I was just about to stop…and then I got to chapter 9 and that is when God decided to say something to me.  Verses 7-10 are the ones that He used to confirm the ‘yes’ He had given me a few weeks earlier on Journey.  I am so glad that I have a God that cares about me and desires to speak to me through His word, if only I would be patient and quiet long enough to hear Him.

So now the struggle really began. I knew what I was supposed to do now, but I had a problem…my back.  Ever since I had gotten back from Journey, my back had been really bothering me.  I had been going to chiropractor after chiropractor, but to no avail.  So I was at a loss as to what my next step was that I was supposed to take, because I could not even start to think about getting married with the way my back was.  So now I was seeking God on a whole new set of issues.  I decided that I was not going to pursue anything with Sara until I knew what was going to happen with my back.

I remember it was a Friday evening and I was sitting out in my deer stand, hunting, when I noticed that my mouth was starting to hurt in the back on my right side and I was getting a bad head ache.  I remember thinking,  ‘great my back is really hurting and now I have a tooth that is giving me fits’ (and I hate dentists).   The next day I tried calling my dentist but to no avail.  I couldn’t get a hold of him and he didn’t even have a answering machine. Just my luck to have troubles on a weekend.  So I  managed to live off of Tylenol until Monday.  Monday morning there was still no answer at my dentist.  By this time I was pretty desperate.  I had called a few more dentists in the area and found out that this wasn’t going to be a cheap endeavor and I was starting to pray a little harder…’God, where can I find a dentist that I can get into today to get this over with?’. 

I had just hung up the phone and started texting Sara’s brother. I said something to him about trying to find a dentist  but didn’t think anymore of it.  Awhile later he sent me another text saying that he had talked with Sara and she recommended the one she had gone to to have her wisdom teeth pulled. He gave me the number but they were already closed for that day, so, on Tuesday I called. I was so happy to hear that they could get me in later that day, and that it wasn’t going to cost as much as I’d thought. 

Finally, Tuesday evening, I was sitting in a dentist chair with my mouth wide open.  The doctor was just getting ready to start numbing my mouth so he could pull my aching wisdom tooth, when my arm flinched like it usually did,  from the muscle spasms in my back.  I remember him looking at me like, ‘that was weird, are you ok?’  That’s when I told him about my back troubles, and that was why I had flinched. I was really amazed at what he told me next.  He said that he had had back troubles like I was having, and that he had these treatments called prolotherapy that really helped him. He said that his back was the best it has ever been after having the therapy.  He pulled my tooth, gave me a pamphlet on the prolotherapy, and said that he would see me in a week to pull the stitches in my mouth.  I went home and was thinking, ‘wow God,  is this of you, or what should I do?’  This prolotherapy thing sounded good, but at the same time a little weird…and painful!