Give Thanks……Don’t Take it for Granted!

About a year and a half ago, I was at a bridal shower for a friend, and the women there were taking turns giving words of wisdom. There were a lot of wonderful things shared, but the one that really stuck with me was this, “Don’t take him (your husband) for granted”

Here lately I have been thinking about taking things for granted. As I sit here, I can list a lot of things that I do take for granted, that I shouldn’t. So as Thanksgiving approaches rather quickly, the following is a short list of things that I want to learn to be truly thankful for and not just take for granted.

Kyle Being Healthy; being a hard worker; having such a servants heart; being patient; and pretty much just being the most awesome husband ever!
Being Pregnant
Having a vehicle
Kyle having work
A husband that likes to laugh
Kyle’s strong, yet gentle hands
Being able to openly be a Christian

God has blessed me with so much….why shouldn’t I take more time to be thankful for it? 🙂


He didn’t have to….He chose to

As I lay in bed this morning, feeling sick and nauseous (more than usual), I could hear the clatter of dishes in the kitchen.  As I lay there, I began to see just how TRULY blessed I am!

You see, Kyle didn’t have to work today, and since I was feeling sicker than usual, he allowed me to stay in bed and rest.  He got up and made himself breakfast, and also made me some bacon to nibble on….but He didn’t have to…He chose to.

He also brought me a glass of Vernors Ginger Ale, with ice (I’m an ice lover) …which, He didn’t have to…but he chose to.

And while I was resting, my wonderful husband was in the kitchen, washing a HUGE load of dishes and cleaning up the kitchen.  Once again it crossed my mind…He didn’t have to…but he was choosing to.

Those ‘simple’ choices that my husband made today, may not seem like much to anyone watching…but to me…they were blessings!

So as I sit here and write, I once again, realize that when God brought Kyle into my life, He brought me the most wonderful blessing of all!

Kyle & Sara looking at each other

Changing Roles

I’ve been thinking back to this time last year, and just pondering how much things have changed since then and how many ‘roles’ I have been in! Last October I was single, and unsure what God had planned as far as a relationship between Kyle and I.

Then came December, when Kyle and I started courting (although we weren’t ‘official’ until April), and I took on the role of girlfriend…and in June the role of Fiancé! Then that blissful day in September, I once again changed roles as I became Kyle’s wife 🙂

But the changing of roles isn’t finished yet…

I have taken on another role…

The role of being a momma!

That’s right! The Lord has chosen to bless us with a little one, due the end of June 2014!

There is great excitement in our home as we discuss names, what we think the baby will look like, and whether it will be a boy or a girl 🙂

God has surely blessed us!

Baby Announcementblog

Wedding Pictures!

Here they are! Some of the photos from our wedding!! Some of the people in our wedding photos, however, do not like their pictures to be on the internet, so in order to respect them, there won’t be many pictures of the families, or wedding party 🙂  So in other words, there will only be ‘before ceremony’ and ‘after ceremony’ photos 🙂

My GORGEOUS wedding dress! Which Kyle’s mom spent a lot of work on altering it…I think we took 10″ off the length 🙂

Sara in Mirror

Sara by Window

Kyle against wall

My very handsome husband!!!


Waiting for the ceremony to start!!

Waiting for the ceremony to start!!

Our very first kiss!!

Our very first kiss!!

Kyle & Sara Sepia with Flowers

If you look close, you'll notice I'm not wearing shoes :)   There was a reason for that......  My grandpa that passed away back in April, always called me his 'hillbilly' or 'redneck' granddaughter, since I was always going barefoot every chance I got!  So I thought, what better way to remember him on my wedding day than by going barefoot :)  <3

If you look close, you’ll notice I’m not wearing shoes 🙂 There was a reason for that…… My grandpa that passed away back in April, always called me his ‘hillbilly’ or ‘redneck’ granddaughter, since I was always going barefoot every chance I got! So I thought, what better way to remember him on my wedding day than by going barefoot 🙂 ❤


Marriage Certifacte

Our BEAUTIFUL wedding cake that was made by our sister-in-law!

Our BEAUTIFUL wedding cake that was made by our sister-in-law!

Cutting Cake

Getting ready…..

This was fun!  Although with me being shorter, most of his cake went up his nose!

This was fun! Although with me being shorter, most of his cake went up his nose!

So in love :)

So in love 🙂

“What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder”

Mark 10:9

Changing Seasons

Photo Courtesy of Google Image Search

Photo Courtesy of Google Image Search

If I look out my window, I can see the signs of changing seasons…the grass isn’t as green as it once was, the leaves on the tree across the road are starting to turn orange, and, in the evenings, the air is cool and crisp.  There’s no doubt about it, Fall is on its way.

But, inside our home, there are also season changes.  The spots in my room where a coffee table, desk, and chair once sat, now sit empty; my closet doesn’t have as many clothes in it; my room is practically empty.  For you see, I am changing seasons as well.  I am leaving behind the season of Singleness, and am moving into this new season… Marriage.

You see, Marriage is a lot like those trees outside changing colors.  Those trees look absolutely gorgeous when the leaves turn orange and red, but did you ever stop to think that the only reason they look so amazing, is because they are dying?  There needs to be a similar death in marriage….death to self.

So as I learn to die to my selfish desires, and learn to put Kyle first, our marriage will reflect all the beauty God intended it to.

It will not be an easy road, I know that already, but it’s a road I am willing to travel.  A road that Kyle is willing to travel; knowing that he too will have to die to self.  And with God as our guide, the trip will be the best it ever could be.


The Right Piece….


Growing up, this was one of my favorite toys!  In fact I had 3 different ones…one identical to this, a square one, and one that looked like a turtle.

But it never occurred to me until tonight, just how one of these puzzles can represent our lives.  You see, with this puzzle, you can only fit the right shape in the right hole…it’s pointless to even try to push the square piece through the star shaped hole, it won’t go in, and only leaves you frustrated and aggravated at its resistance.

There are many times when we try to fill the “God-shaped” hole in our lives, with something that just doesn’t fit…money, love, drugs, alcohol, etc.  We can keep trying all these different ‘pieces’, but it’s pointless….only God can fill that void.

Only when you get the right piece to the puzzle does it make sense…

An Update on Us :)

In the past few months since my last blog post, a lot has happened! Time flew quickly (although at times it seemed to crawl for us!), and on June 28th, Kyle & I got engaged 🙂 It wasn’t really a surprise, since we already had a date set and wedding plans were well under way, but it was still special!

Kyle and I went into town to pick up my ring, and on the way back to the van, we sat on a park bench, and he proceeded to ask me to marry him 🙂 I barely let him get the words out before I answered with a huge smile and the words “Indubitably!”.

It has been so amazing how God has continued to bless Kyle and I, as we continue to serve Him!!

Kyle & Sara2

It was TOTALLY worth the wait!!!