A Look Back at 2013

I remember writing my ‘Look Back at 2012″ blog post, and thinking, ‘man, this was a busy year!’.  Little did I know that 2013 would be even busier, and have even more changes!

The end of December 2012, Kyle and I had started to talk about God leading us to a courtship and eventually marriage.

In early January, Kyle began prolotherapy treatments on his back, to see if they would help with the extreme back pain he was struggling with.  Even though it took several months and the treatments were very painful, they did, in fact, help his back tremendously!  Over those months, however, God took us through times of struggle; not knowing when to enter an ‘official’ courtship, since we didn’t know when his back would be healed and he would be able to work and support a family, and other times of discouragement.

The plan was finally set that, on April 17th (exactly 9 years after we met), we would ‘officially’ start courting (I wasn’t supposed to know this, but had insider information 🙂 ) Things did not go as planned.  My grandpa passed away April 11th, and since dad really wanted Kyle involved in the funeral as a paul-bearer, we ‘went official’ April 12th.

The month of May was filled with wedding plans and yard sales!  The Lord blessed us tremendously with a lot of wonderful deals on furniture and other items we needed 🙂  We also set our wedding date, but did not announce it, since there hadn’t been an official engagement, due to certain reasons.

June was also filled with more wedding plans and yard sales, and on the 28th, an official marriage proposal was made!

July was filled with, you guessed it!, more wedding plans 🙂  And also family gatherings, and anything else we could squeeze into our schedule 🙂  We did a lot of fishing over the summer as well, with some friends of ours, and that was quite fun!

August came, and with it both of our birthdays 🙂  Last minute wedding details were put into place, and we anxiously counted down the days!

Then came the blessed day!  September 7th!  There were SO many people willing to help out with anything that needed done, and that made the day go so much better!  Everything went well (including smashing cake in each other’s face!), and the day went incredibly fast!  We had a very relaxing honeymoon at a cottage on a lake for a whole week!

Then came October, and with it, the news that, the end of June, there would be an addition to our little family!  We were thrilled!

November came flying in before we knew it, and, while still trying to get settled in, there was the hustle and bustle of family get togethers, and Kyle being busy with work 🙂  I was still struggling with pregnancy sickness, and feeling exhausted, but I managed to make it through 🙂

December arrived, and with its arrival, came the departure of the pregnancy sickness!  Just in time for Christmas dinners and lots of good food!!!  It was also our first Christmas together, and that made it even more special and fun! 🙂

So, with today being the last day of 2013,  it amazes me to look back and see all the changes that took place this year!  A year ago tonight, Kyle and I were just starting to pursue that much desired relationship we felt God was leading us to, and now, here we are…married, and with a baby on the way 🙂   God has been SO good to us!  We don’t even deserve half of what He’s done for us!!!

The verse God gave me a year ago tonight was, “You crown the year with your bounty, and your carts overflow with abundance.”  Psalm 65:11

Praise the Lord for ALL He has done!!

Happy New Year Everyone!



An Update on Us :)

In the past few months since my last blog post, a lot has happened! Time flew quickly (although at times it seemed to crawl for us!), and on June 28th, Kyle & I got engaged 🙂 It wasn’t really a surprise, since we already had a date set and wedding plans were well under way, but it was still special!

Kyle and I went into town to pick up my ring, and on the way back to the van, we sat on a park bench, and he proceeded to ask me to marry him 🙂 I barely let him get the words out before I answered with a huge smile and the words “Indubitably!”.

It has been so amazing how God has continued to bless Kyle and I, as we continue to serve Him!!

Kyle & Sara2

It was TOTALLY worth the wait!!!

It’s All Been Worth the Wait!

Here it is!  The final part of our story!  Instead of doing 2 separate posts, I’m combining it all into one….my side in regular font, and Kyle’s in italics 🙂   It still amazes me just how God worked everything out!  It has DEFINETLY been worth the wait!!  ❤

The talk

The next Tuesday, as I was traveling back to the dentist to get my stitches out, my dad called me and said that I should pick up Sara, take her with me,  and tell her what God was doing in my life; with my back and where my relationship was with her.  I was like totally shocked…and so not ready for a phone call like that. I remember thinking, ‘this will never fly!  There is no way they are going to let her go with me.”   I was a little nervous but I made the call and to my surprise they said she could go.  Needless to say, Sara was even more surprised and nervous than I was, but the trip went well and we had a good talk.


Lets jump ahead to December 11th, 2012 🙂

It was 3:30 in the afternoon, and I was all cozy in bed, taking a much needed nap, when mom came in, woke me up and said, “Kyle just called. He’s on his way into town and he wants to stop by and talk to you.”…  my response?…  “I was sleeping so good!  Why did you wake me up?!”….but once I was up and getting around, her words suddenly hit me!  My heart started pounding!  My mind raced…what did he want to talk to me about?!  Why was he coming?!

I was such a bundle of nerves, that once I was around, I grabbed my Bible and started reading, trying to get my mind settled down while I waited for his arrival.  I didn’t have to wait long, thankfully, since he was almost to our place when he called.

I prayed real quick, took a deep breath….and headed downstairs…my heart still pounding.  He was standing in the kitchen doorway talking to mom.  When I walked in, mom asked where we wanted to talk at, and he asked if I could just go with him into town.  Mom said that was fine, and off we went.

I was dying to ask him what was going on, but chose to keep my mouth shut and let him start.  He started off with small talk, but about a mile down the road, he began telling me his reason for wanting to talk to me.  He asked me how I would feel about marrying him, and I said “I’m for it”.  He went on to tell me what God did in him on Journey, and how he had heard from God that I was the one he was going to marry, and even had a confirmation verse that the Lord had given him.

Long story short, this led to us starting to text and talk more often…with the approval of our parents of course! 🙂


The ‘pieces of the puzzle’ start to fit!

A few weeks went by.  I had been calling around to see what I could find out on my back. I also was doing a lot of praying, and you might say a little bit of crying out to God… I wasn’t sure what to do.  Finally it seemed like everything was pointing to the prolotherapy, so I called and made my first appointment. I had done a lot of research  to see what prolotherapy was all about and it all sounded really good… until I watched a youtube video of what they do… wow!  I remember thinking, ‘that looks like a lot of shots! and I didn’t even know they made needles that big!’  Well anyways, I stared traveling to Lansing every two weeks and getting the treatments.

 It has taken some time, and quite a few treatments, but my back is almost back to the way it should be.  And all this happened because of a bum tooth, and Gods perfect timing.


December 21st, I was praying and just asking God for a confirmation verse, so I knew that this was truly from Him and what He desired for me.  He gave me the last part of Isaiah 30:21…”This is the way; walk in it.”  Needless to say….I was excited!!

March 12th, Kyle was at our place, and we were talking about our Journey’s and he told me how his leaders had all the guys write out a list of things they needed to surrender to God, kayak across the lake to a certain spot, and burn it.  He said my name was on that list.  As he was describing the place he had burned his note, my jaw about hit the floor….it was that same place I had buried mine…only he had burned his on the ‘lake’ side of the path!!

It amazes me how God used both of us completely surrendering each other to Him, before He started moving us toward courtship!


The Courtship “officially” begins!!

 I had talked with Sara’s dad and was planning on asking her to start courting me on the 17th of April.  You say ‘why the 17th?’…… well, that day would be the 9 year anniversary of when I first met her back in 2004. But once again things didn’t go as I had planned.  Sara’s grandpa passed away on the 11th and Sara’s dad wanted me to be a pallbearer, and sit with their family,  so I decided to start courting a few days early.  So on the 12th I totally surprised her by showing  up and asking her if she would court me. I don’t know if she just wanted the roses I was holding,  but she said yes!        

It seemed like that day was never going to come but it finally did.  You should have seen Sara’s face when I asked her!  She was so excited she could hardly squeaked out a yes.  I feel so blessed to be getting to know this Godly woman who loves me so much.


Even though we were pretty much ‘courting’ since the 11th of December, due to Kyle having back problems, and having to do prolotherapy treatments to heal it, we didn’t go ‘official’…we wanted to see how well the prolotherapy would work and if he would be able to work.

We had some VERY discouraging times along the way!

But April 12th 2013…Kyle and I ‘officially’ started courting!  🙂  He is the most amazing man ever, and I am so blessed to have him!!!

I love you Kyle Ray!!!! 🙂




Just A Friend…or is He?

You’ve all been waiting very patiently for our Courtship Story, and here it is! Well, part 1 anyway… it’s too long to put into 1 blog post, so you’ll have to keep coming back if you want to read it all 😉 Kyle and I both wrote our sides of the story, so you will be able to see just what each of us went through…this post is part 1 of mine 🙂

Just A Friend….or is He?

April 17th, 2004. I would have been 13 years old.  I don’t remember this day, but Kyle does, and in the following blog post is his recollection of when he first met me 🙂

But for me, I have to jump ahead to April 20th, 2004…this I partially remember!  My dad used to keep honey bees, and when Mr. Viers found out, he wanted to get started into keeping bees as well, so on that Spring day, Mr. Viers, Kyle, and his brother Seth, all came up to scrape out bee boxes and get them ready.

I remember watching them scrape the boxes out, and afterwards we stood outside of the barn and talked for awhile…I was totally clueless at this point about the way Kyle felt about me…and in fact I would stay that way for close to 3 years.

I guess the first clear memory I have of Kyle, would be when we went to their house for dinner the first time, April 30th, 2004 🙂  Mr. Viers sent Kyle and the boys outside to get the grill started, and Kyle’s sister, Sarah, and I followed along.  As I watched Kyle put the lighter fluid on the grill and get it going (he was goofing around just a bit), I thought “this guys gonna get burned, I just know he is..”  Yeah…not the sweetest first memory, but it’s true!  I feel bad about this part, but when I first met him, I could not remember his name!  I always referred to him as ‘the other brother’.

Over the next couple of years, our families did a lot together 🙂  I grew up with a brother, mostly guy friends, and the neighbor kids were always boys…so I was comfortable talking with guys, and had no problem as seeing them as ‘just friends’.  So in 2006, when Kyle started talking to me more, and would even call to talk to me on the phone, I didn’t even think anything about it.

December 5th, 2007…Mom and Dad went out to dinner with Mr. & Mrs. Viers, and talked about Kyle and I, and decided we needed to not talk so much, or spend so much time together.  It came as a surprise to me since I still sort of thought of him as only a friend…and thus began the emotional roller coaster ride that I thought would never stop!….February 12th, 2008, I realized I truly missed talking to him.

As you can imagine, the next four and a half years were incredibly difficult, and a lot of changes took place. I didn’t know what would come of the situation…I didn’t know how Kyle felt about me…I was trying not to get too attached…trying to let God have control of it all.

In 2010, I attended my first WIT conference, and realized that I had formed a soul-tie with Kyle…I talked to Mrs. Viers a little bit when I got back, but not much changed between Kyle and I.  In 2011, I attended the WIT conference again, and this time Kyle also attended.  August 16th, just 2 days after getting back from the conference, Kyle and his family came up and he ‘confessed’ to having a soul-tie with me as well.  At this time, one of our parents didn’t have a peace about letting us enter a courtship, so we didn’t pursue it.  But it was nice to know where Kyle’s heart was at.



Okay….so this has to be my most exciting blog post by far!!!

On Friday, my dreams came true when I opened up our front door, and there he stood….he pulled a dozen red roses out from under his jacket and said “Would you officially start courting me today?”  A huge smile on my face and almost in tears, I managed to squeal “YES!”.

My Prince Charming has arrived!

Kyle & Sara

Me & My Hero, Kyle V.

Not My Understanding, But His

“Trust in the Lord with all of your heart; and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths.”  Proverbs 3:5-6

 This verse is what I call my ‘life verse’.  God gave it to me a few years ago and it has gotten me through quite a bit.  But it wasn’t until just a few days ago that I saw it in another light.  You see, I always read the “Trust in the Lord” part and never really focused on the “lean not on your own understanding” part…until the other day, as I was praying a prayer I had found for my husband, and this happened to be one of the verses.

Of course it caused me to take a good look at myself…Have I been leaning on my own understanding?  When God does something I don’t understand how do I react?  Am I okay with it and keep trusting Him, or do I get frustrated that things aren’t going the way I want them to?

Another verse that really became real to me lately was “for we walk by faith, not by sight.”  (2nd Corinthians 5:7).  I realized I’ve been walking by sight – only what I could see God doing – and not fully walking by faith – trusting that He is doing what’s best for me, no matter what I see. 

See how those 2 verses can go hand-in-hand?  If I walk by sight, I’m leaning on my own understanding – only what I can see and comprehend.  But if I walk by faith, I’m leaning on God’s understanding – trusting Him to get me through and be my guide. 

I found it interesting that this all became clearer to me while praying for my husband, since this is the area in my life that I really need to be trusting God in.  That I would wait for HIS timing to bring the right guy along…HIS timing for my courtship…and for HIS pen to write my love story!

So as I set out to walk more by faith and to lean on God’s understanding, not mine; I’m sure trials and discouragements will come, but with God as my guide, I’ll know I’m walking the right way, and that my life story is being written by the best author!! 




How it all began…

If you were to ask me what helped with my decision to have a relationship with Christ, I’d have to say fear….the fear of death and the fear of Courtship.  Now I know that second one sounds very odd, but it’s true…and this is my story 🙂

I was born into a Christian family and prayed ‘the prayer’ at the age of 4, but it would be 13 more years before I really understood what it was to have a relationship with God. 

I went to church regularly, had Christian friends and occasionally read my Bible…but something was missing.  I could see something different in my friends…something I didn’t have but wanted.  They KNEW they were saved; they had stories of how God was working in their lives. They didn’t have the fear of death like I did.

Now, you’re probably all wondering why I was afraid of courting someone…well, I was scared of the questions that would come.  Questions about my relationship with Christ; how he’d been working in my life; what I was learning in my devotions, etc.    

So I began searching…searching God’s Word, praying, observing others, and really listening to the messages Sunday mornings.   I finally came to realize that all I had was Religion, but that wasn’t enough…I needed to have a Relationship!  There’s a HUGE difference there!  

The late Keith Green says at the end of one of his songs “Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian, anymore than going to McDonalds makes you a hamburger.”   And this is so true!  You can go to church all your life and be a ‘good person’, but if you don’t have Christ as your personal savior and have a relationship with Him, then it’s just a religion.   

In 2007 I believe it was, I truly accepted the Lord as my Savior and things began to change (I don’t remember the date since I didn’t write it down, and I really wish I had).  I began reading my Bible because I wanted to – not because I had to.  The fear of death (and courtship) went away, and I had a peace I had never had before.   

As the years have gone by, that relationship has gotten even better; even sweeter 🙂  I now have stories as to how God has worked (and is working) in my life and the amazing things I have seen Him do…I’ve even posted some of them here on my blog 🙂

And there you have it…my story of how God took me from a fear of death and courtship and brought me to a wonderful relationship with Him! 

My Baptism August 17th 2008