Give Thanks……Don’t Take it for Granted!

About a year and a half ago, I was at a bridal shower for a friend, and the women there were taking turns giving words of wisdom. There were a lot of wonderful things shared, but the one that really stuck with me was this, “Don’t take him (your husband) for granted”

Here lately I have been thinking about taking things for granted. As I sit here, I can list a lot of things that I do take for granted, that I shouldn’t. So as Thanksgiving approaches rather quickly, the following is a short list of things that I want to learn to be truly thankful for and not just take for granted.

Kyle Being Healthy; being a hard worker; having such a servants heart; being patient; and pretty much just being the most awesome husband ever!
Being Pregnant
Having a vehicle
Kyle having work
A husband that likes to laugh
Kyle’s strong, yet gentle hands
Being able to openly be a Christian

God has blessed me with so much….why shouldn’t I take more time to be thankful for it? 🙂

Give Thanks…

This is what most people think of on Thanksgiving….

But have you thought about this??

Photo courtesy of Google Image Search. Text is mine.

Let’s not forget the most important thing to be thankful for…Thank Him today.


Yes, I know…Thanksgiving was a few days ago, and this is ‘late’, but as I see it, everyday should be Thanksgiving.  Why only take 1 day to be thankful for what we have…what about the other 364?  So…even though ‘Thanksgiving’ is past, I still want to post some of the things I am thankful for.

~ A life-changing Summer 🙂

~ Good friends who encourage me when I am struggling with something

~ Someone paying to have our piano tuned

~ Someone giving me the money to go on Journey to the Heart

~ Being close to family and friends, so it makes it easy to get together for a visit

~ All the things God has shown me this year 🙂


There are many more to be sure, but I think that’s all I’m going to put for now…I may do another post like this again though. What are you thankful for?

Count your Blessings 🙂